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Fabian was the best helped me work through the dry out and reimbursement I was so relieved to have someone that really cared and went the extra mile thanks guys

I needed my chandelier cleaned, it was covered in, dust, grease and smoke, regular household dirt and was afraid to do it myself.  I looked high and low for someone who did that sort of thing, but could not find anyone.  Surprise, not only does SERVPRO of San Mateo clean up after an accident, but, they do an extensive cleaning of items in your home.  I called on Wednesday, had an appointment for Friday at 10 am. The crew was 15 minutes early and called to see if, I was ready, yah off to a good start arrived on time.  They were so pleasant and efficient and treated my home like their own. They were very careful with every piece and when it was done, it looked like new!  I would definitely use them again.  Thank you SERVPRO of San Mateo!

My refrigerator water line burst in my home in Burlingame when I was picking up my kids for school. I was out of the house for only two hours and In that time 4 inches of water covered about 2000 square feet of the fitst story of my home. I returned home and water was coming out of my door, spilling into my front porch. This was one of the worst and most stressful experiences of my life! I immediately called my insurance agent and he got me in touch with SERVPRO San Mateo. Stephen called me a few minutes later and told me this is something they deal with all the time (who would have known something like this happens so often??) and that they would be at my house as soon as they could. In about 1 hour and 15 minutes  Stephen showed up with 4 other people and they began sucking up the water off of my floor. They backed up one of their trucks in my driveway and used this really loud machine to suck up the water. In about 2 hours a half, all the puddles were gone and they started placing fans Nd some other machines in the house to dry the floors. I ended up having to go to a hotel for 2 days while this all happened, unfortunately. They ended up having to remove my baseboards but did not have to remove much of my flooring and the wood cabinets were ok too. SERVPRO's communication was good and they helped me through the insurance claim process. My agent said he recommended them because he has used them before for his other clients and they were always reliable. They were professional throughout the process.

I had an unexpected problem that happened lately due to the water heater broking down. 

The experience of working and communication with the crew of SERVPRO of San Mateo was beyond my expectations.

The project manager is very professional. He gave out an important message and made things happen fast. He gave me the details and answered my questions patiently, he helped me went through the whole process with ease and comfort. SERVPRO of San Mateo crew did a superb job while restoring the place. 

Overall, I think they are FIVE STARS COMPANY. I hope whoever uses them will have the same experience as I did. 

Thanks again SERVPRO of San Mateo. Two thumbs up!

SERVPRO of San Mateo has highly trained technicians that work very efficiently and very clean. I loved their work. I was constantly receiving updates on the job which made me very happy to know that they were keeping me updated on everything. SERVPRO of San Mateo is a company that I trust to get the job done in a clean and timely matter.

Great customers, prompt service!!!! This is the second time we use their services. Their help exceeds expectations when we have floods in our offices we know who we can count on.

My wife and I came home from her favorite restaurants to find water was raining down from our 2nd-floor bathroom down to our dining room. A water supply hoes busted spraying water everywhere.

Luckily for us, our son called SERVPRO of San Mateo. 

Carolina arrived within a few hours with 2 strong guys, mind you this was a Saturday night. Right away they started taking photos to document the damage. They sucked up the water from the carpet and set up machines to dry, they even moved our furniture so it would not get damaged.

I am so glad my son called SERVPRO of San Mateo, Carolina, and her crew was very fast, professional and knowledgeable.


SERVPRO of San Mateo - Great Service and Great People

Seeing your house affected by black water is not easy. However, SERVPRO of San Mateo made the restoration process smoother. Their customer service was the best. Their project manager was very knowledgeable and patient. He responded to all my questions and anticipated the job evolution so I could understand what was going on all the time. Also, their crew members were experienced, professional and organized. Hopefully, I don’t have to experience another water damage emergency; but if I do, for sure I would contact SERVPRO of San Mateo.

My water heater leaked from underneath at my second home causing a massive water damage. I wasn't in town at the time and it quikly flooded into my garage. Thankfully my neighbor helped and shut off my main valve. I ended up calling SERVPRO San Mateo before boarding my plane back home. When I arrived a few hours later they had 3 guys there extracting the water. They spent a few hours and set up these fans. They were loud but they ended up drying everything out. They said I was lucky most of the water spilled onto the concrete and not inside the house. A few days later they picked up everything and showed me it was all dry.

Thank you for the quick help SERVPRO OF San Mateo. It was a stressful flight but I was happy to see them already at work by the time I got home. I would definitely call these guys again if I had a flood.

I really appreciate how kind, clam and professional the crew was while fixing my home. I have recently been dealing with a mold damage in my home, you can only imagine the stress I was dealing with but thanks to SERVPRO of San Mateo they made the situation easy to handle. They made me feel reassured that my home will be restored in no time. I hope I don’t have this damage again but if I do I will definitely be giving SERVPRO of San Mateo a call.

After burglars broke a window on a Friday night, we called SERVPRO of San Mateo over the weekend to board the widow. We were so pleased they came so quick thanks to there emergency services they were able to get the job done even after business hours.

Juan Carlos was fantastic - he was timely and did a thorough job cleaning up the glass and boarding-up the window in a way that didn't damage the wood panels.  

I highly recommend SERVPRO of San Mateo.

My supervisor Monica from Image Orthodontics had me call for a water damage emergency We had in our San Mateo office calling around I came about SERVPRO of San Mateo they said they would come in about an hour and they surely did. Upon arrival they got right to work we received great customer service, smiles, follow up was fabulous on daily bases  Daniel, Hector, Juan Carlos, and the Secretary Carolina was amazing. I was so glad I got the right people in here my boss was satisfied with there service.

Thanks again SERVPRO San Mateo!