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Biohazard Testimonials

As someone who rarely writes Yelp reviews, I feel compelled to do so in this case because of my exceptional experience with SERVPRO in San Mateo. I had never had to do any type of industrial clean-up at my house before, and as a result, didn't really know where to turn. A friend of mine told me about this particular SERVPRO (there are several, and I believe each is managed or possibly owned separately), and even though I live in San Francisco, the fact they're in San Mateo didn't matter. Apparently, they service a wide area. 

The issue I had was in my garage, where a fairly small amount of sewage was backing up through the drain. I called SERVPRO, which sent someone out to assess the cleanup work that would be needed. He told me it would involve tearing up the carpet that's in my garage (don't ask why there's carpet there). Although I wasn't happy with that solution, I figured that was the only means of ensuring there wouldn't be any health issues down the road. The next day, Fabian Valadez was sent to do the job. What a gem. Not only was he a total pleasure, he came up with a work-around that allowed me to keep my carpet, get it clean and, no less, get it back to a healthful state. He worked quickly and efficiently, and was lovely to deal with. The job was done, and best of all, it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

All I can say is that when it comes to this type of work, I am grateful for not only having had such a positive experience but also having been assigned Fabian to do the work. Hopefully I won't need this type of work again, but if I do, I will definitely be calling this SERVPRO and asking for Fabian.