Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Mold Removal Oakland Ca

In these pictures you see a building in process of construction until the weather decide to get a bit rainy. As for the building Construction workers were worki... READ MORE

Bio Hazarded clean up in San Mateo CA

This Bio clean up was a result of someone leaving feces in the outside of a store. Our customer called as soon as she was aware of the situation. Notice how in ... READ MORE

Fire in Building being Constructed in the Bay Area

This Bay Area commercial building was damaged by a small fire that was caused by loose wiring. The fire was shut down as soon as possible, didn't cause further ... READ MORE

water damage in San Mateo Ca

This water damage was a cause of a valve from the toilet ( clean water). This specific job took place in a property management office. The water damage affected... READ MORE

Hotel Overflow Mountainview Ca

This over flooded hallway in Mountainview was the result of a broken sprinkler in selling. This incident caused so much damage to the hotel, Hallways, Bedroom, ... READ MORE

Mold Growth

In this commercial Building a leak went unnoticed unsure of how long a roof leak had been going on for. This leak was the cause of Mold growth, it had been fou... READ MORE

Police Department Toilet Over Flow

This Water damage in San Mateo Ca, was a result of a toilet over flow in the San Mateo Police Department, various areas needed to discarded to be discarded due ... READ MORE