Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Rain storm

This San Mateo home affected by a rain storm, was a result to damaging the homes roof top when the high winds pushed over a tree against the home. The damage to... READ MORE

Water storm

This roof leak in San Mateo was the result of a Damaged roof top, never realized the roof was damaged till a rain Storm came down on the city of San Mateo. The ... READ MORE

Santa Rosa Fire Storm

In this Santa Rosa home with smoke, Oder and soot, was a result of the Fire Storms in Santa Rosa Ca. This home was too close to the fire and got affected by the... READ MORE

storm Damage

In this apartment complex many units got affected by the storm. The winds were too strong to where the water was pushed in through the bottom of the entry door ... READ MORE

Garage Storm Damage

In this garage there was a huge loss, due to the water from the storm this home got terribly affected. Water entered through the bottom of the garage door and p... READ MORE

Storm Cleaning

In this San Mateo Hair salon a storm was a result of an entire flood in this business. We got to the salon and immediately started performing emergency services... READ MORE